Harvesting & Harvest Planning

  • Professional harvest planning by a highly skilled and experienced team with proven results in all forms of groundbased and cable harvesting.

  • Highly skilled contractor base with independently audited performance standards.

  • Selection of harvesting systems from cable harvesting to small ground-based crews to suit any terrain type.

  • Experienced and cost effective road construction contractors.

Harvest Estimates

FOMS can provide a registered Valuation. Visit Woodnet’s website to find out more.

Woodnet – http://woodnet.co.nz

Forest Harvesting and Operational Management

Forest harvesting, marketing and operational management is FOMS’ core business activity and is the strength that the business has been built on. FOMS currently employ over 40 harvesting crews throughout the North Island, . These harvesting crews range from small and flexible ground-based crews to medium and large scale mechanized cable hauler crews.

FOMS pride ourselves on providing our clients with operational management that is without compare. FOMS operational managers all have practical forest related backgrounds in all facets of the industry. FOMS can arguably offer one of the most qualified, experienced and practical forest management teams in the country.

Harvest Planning, Road and Landing Design and Construction

Harvest planning and the resulting road and landing design and construction is a very important part of the harvesting process. An incorrectly planned forest and/or badly designed and constructed roads can cost a forest owner significantly and result in a negative impact on the net return and the actual value of a forest.

Harvest plans are verified with an on the ground survey and budgets then formulated. FOMS benchmark all construction costs and strive to ensure that any forest infrastructure is planned and constructed to a high standard while achieving the lowest possible cost.

Road Construction

Well-planned and well-constructed forest roads are essential to maximizing returns to forest owners.

FOMS offer a pre-funding option for the construction of harvest infrastructure, such as roading, prior to the commencement of harvesting with no interest costs, to agreed levels.


To ensure the harvested logs get to market in a timely manner, FOMS has:

  • Strong relationships with all major road cartage providers in the North Island.

  • Rail hubs at Masterton, Woodville and Wanganui servicing Napier, Wellington and New Plymouth

FOMS - Your partners in forestry
FOMS - Your partners in forestry
FOMS - Your partners in forestry
FOMS - Your partners in forestry
FOMS - Your partners in forestry

Maximisation of Net Return through Value Recovery and Cost Control

A significant proportion of the gross returns from any forest harvesting operation is spent on operational costs (harvesting, roading and cartage). The key to providing the best net return possible is minimization of costs and maximization of log value.

FOMS is very strong in operational management and all staff have a great deal of experience and ability in terms of cost control and operational planning.

Minimisation of costs is achieved by ensuring the correct machinery is employed which is best suited to the forest, that the forest is planned in such a way so the level and placement of infrastructure is optimized, that it is constructed correctly and that day to day management maintains this infrastructure. Poor operational management results in inadequate planning, maintenance and budget over-runs.

Value recovery is a key focus for FOMS and as such many of our harvesting operations have very little, if any pulp wood production.

Maximisation of value recovery ensures that each tree is cut into the grades and lengths that provide for the best return per tonne possible. This involves ensuring that the harvest contractor has the ability to cut a range of different log grades and lengths that allow the proportion of high value grades to be maximised and the low value grades to be minimised.

Health and Safety Management Systems

Health and Safety Management is more critical today than it’s ever been. The HSWA Legislation makes this even more critical as everyone involved (PCBU) in an operation is potentially liable for H&S breaches. The recent poor safety performance of the forest industry has placed us all under intense scrutiny by the regulator – Worksafe, and forced many of the proactive forest companies to look very closely at their own systems and processes.

FOMS is no different – jointly with H&S Industry professionals, FOMS have developed a Health and Safety Management system that is world class.

FOMS run our entire Management Program including policies, procedures, documents and audits in the Cloud where files and information are very easily and quickly distributed to where they are needed.

FOMS H&S system is ACC Tertiary Accredited it is also regularly audited by a 3rd party auditor to ensure these systems remain compliant and that our own H&S interests and those of our clients are protected as best they can be.

Today H&S performance and compliance is probably the single biggest risk facing forest owners, managers and contractors so it is imperative that it is managed effectively. At FOMS we believe our extensive systems, including a full time H&S Manager, enhance the safety of our people working in the forest, while also mitigating compliance and regulatory risk for us and our clients.

Talk to us to find out more.

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