Historically investment in the forest industry has proven to be a sound decision when investors have sought appropriate advice from industry professionals and accessed strong forest assets.

The global demand for wood fibre has enjoyed recent strong growth and is predicted to increase. Increasingly the New Zealand Forest Industry is asserting itself in global markets as a low cost, high quality provider of softwood logs and lumber to emerging markets. These trends are underpinning growth and opportunities in the forest investment sector, however sound investment requires specific and specialist skills to appraise the quality of various opportunities. While if evaluated correctly the returns from forest investment can be favourable, the risks of poor decisions is significant.

The cyclical and variable nature of the industry is such that access to skilled professional assistance and advice is critical to ensure investors make the best possible decisions at the time.

FOMS have very strong connections at a number of levels within the NZ Forest Industry. These relationships provide FOMS with an excellent understanding of the quality or otherwise of potential forest investments. We have the skills, experience and industry relationships for full forest investment due diligence, and at any given time we are aware of a range of potential forest investment assets for sale.

Our active involvement and skin in the game in the full spectrum of the day to day forest industry in NZ means we have an excellent understanding of the components that drive forest values, particularly those around managing investment risk as FOMS often purchases forests ourselves.

If you are interested in forests as an investment, FOMS is positioned to assist with the entire purchase process. Once you have made your investment, we can also provide forest management and harvesting & marketing expertise to manage your investment for you.

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