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FOMS offers professional, skilled and reliable forest harvesting and marketing services to private forest owners across the North Island of New Zealand.

From harvest planning & forest road construction to harvesting, Log transport , marketing and sales, we work with you for the best result.

To maximise the returns private forest owners receive from the harvest of their trees, skilled harvesting and marketing are required. Effective planning well ahead of the harvesting operation is essential to ensure these returns and can only be achieved by maximizing efficiency in the following areas:

  • Harvest Planning

  • Effective Management with a focus on H&S, cost control and log value recovery

  • Harvesting

  • Log Cartage

  • Log marketing & sales

In 2017, FOMS purchased Woodnet, a Masterton based forest management company, to enable the business to provide superior end to end forest management services. Woodnet specialises in carbon, forest establishment and tending, inventory and marginal land use. Click here to go to Woodnet’s website.

FOMS are committed to industry incident reduction and improved H&S Performance.

We are a part of the industry lead safety initiatives run by the Forest Industry Safety Council (FISC) and Safetree.

FOMS also has a commitment to continuous improvement in workplace health and safety and this is recognised by the Tertiary Standard ACC Workplace Safety Management Practices Certificate since January 2016.

All land owners should take a look at the article linked below to understand the value in employing professionals like FOMS to manage H&S Risk for clients.

The FOMS team believe we are the right choice for forest owners who are looking to maximise returns on their forest investment.

Why do we believe this?

Talk to us and make your own decision.

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